Breading Tips

Submitted by Kip


Fry Krisp Mix help the breading adhere to the meat or seafood.

Fry Krisp Egg Wash is a dry mixture of egg. When preparing liquid (such as water or milk) is added. Additional eggs give greater binding power. 

Fry Krisp BREAD CRUMBS combined with our egg wash create a crisp, golden coating when fried. 

Procedure for proper egg wash coating:

•    Dry meat or seafood, dip the into Fry Krisp Mix to coat evenly.

•    Shake off excess.

*** To create a crisp golden coating:

•    Dip meat or seafood in egg wash to coat completely.

•    Remove and let excess egg wash drain off.

•    Then dip meat or seafood in bread crumbs pressing gently to coat completely. Shake off excess before placing in pan.

NOTE:  For small items like scallops and oysters, breading may be done with the aid of a series of wire baskets placed in the flour, then the wash, then the crumbs, instead of by hand.  Use baskets to lift and shake small products.