Bake-able Products

 All of our Fry Krisp breading’s (products that do not require mixing with a liquid) are bake-able. 

While our breading’s can technically be bake-able if they are not mixed with a liquid, batters are not generally considered bake-able.

Breadable items are:

·         Complete All Purpose Breading

·         Krispy Fish Mix

·         Cajun Fish Fry 

·         American Bread Crumbs

·         Fry Krisp Breader

·         Breading Mix

·         Cracker Meal

·         Admiral’s Choice Breading

·         Lemon Pepper Breading

·         Wing Seasoning

·         Our HOT Marinade is also Bake-able on items after they have been marinated.                     But if you like it HOT - we mean HOT try our Blazzin is Bake-able or sprinkle seasoning