Fry Krisp

Breading and Why – Three Stages:

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Fry Krisp Mixes helps the breading stick to the product

Fry Krisp EGG WASH is a dry mixture of eggs. Add a dash of liquid, usually water or milk.   More eggs give greater binding power but increase the cost.  A small quantity of oil is occasionally added to the egg wash.

Fry Krisp BREAD CRUMBS combined with our egg wash create a crisp, golden coating when fried.  Fine, dry bread crumbs are most often used and give good results. 


Procedure for Proper Breading:

•    Dry the product to get a thin, even coating of Fry Krisp Mix.

•    Season the product for greater efficiency.

•    Try Fry Krisp Season Salt or Lemon Pepper – You will love them

•    Do not season the crumbs.

•    The presence of salt in contact with the frying fat helps break down the fat and to shorten its life.

•    Dip the product in Fry Krisp Mix to coat evenly.

•    Shake off excess.

•    Dip in egg wash to coat completely.

•    Remove and let excess drain off so that crumb coating will be even.

•    Dip in bread crumbs.

•    Cover with crumbs and press gently on the product, making sure it is coated completely.

•    Remove and carefully shake off excess.

•    Fry immediately; however, if you have to hold, place in a single layer on a pan or rack and refrigerate.

•    Do not hold very moist items, such as raw clams or oysters as the breading will become soggy.

•    Strain egg, wash and sift flour and crumbs as necessary to remove lumps.


NOTE:  For small items like scallops and oysters, breading may be done with the aid of a series of wire baskets placed in the flour, then the wash, then the crumbs, instead of by hand.  Use baskets to lift and shake small products.


HOw do you Fry Krisp?

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